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Environmental engineering consultancy services.



Since over 20 years I have been working as an environmental engineer. I developed water and air treatment technologies for clients in several industrial branches (WWTPs, food processing, lithographic and chemical industry etc.). Furthermore, I worked in the field of intensive livestock farming and the environment (biowaste treatment, anaerobic digestion, recycling of minerals, emissions from animal houses, rendering industry etc.).

From 2011, I am acting as a freelance consultant and advise companies on application of mitigation technologies. Besides, I am employed as senior researcher at Wageningen University and Research, Netherlands.


How do I operate as a consultant?

I combine hands-on R&D experience with the latest developments in science and technology. This enables me to provide a practical and tailor-made solution to your problem. The end result of my job is a concrete advice such as a report, spreadsheet, technical design or grant application. During the process of defining the problem and formulating the advice I stay in close contact with the client.


Examples of finished projects and activities:

-           design and building of biofilters and air scrubbers

-           design and building of small-scale water treatment installations

-           testing and improving manure treatment installations

-           design of biogas plants

-           feasibility studies (technical and economic)

-           literature surveys

-           advice on grant applications

-           advice on applications for emission factors of ammonia / odour / fine dust etc.

Click here for a list of reports and papers written by me.


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Roland W. Melse, PhD

Environmental engineer


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